Leaky tap? Dripping shower head? Get in touch with the team of plumbers today at Morgan Plumbing! For over 30 years, Marlborough’s favourite and most experienced plumbers have been helping people fix, tighten up, repair and install all kinds of plumbing in their homes and offices.


The roof of your home is the most essential part of the structure of your place. Designed to keep the rain out of your stuff and off your head, your roofing system needs to be well designed, well maintained and well kept to ensure it stays leak free and operates perfectly. 


Drain laying is a tricky and difficult art, one we have perfected here at Morgan Plumbing. Drains needs to be perfectly designed to catch all the flowing rainwater, sewage or deluge, and transport it to where it needs to be, without leaks, mess or muck.


Plumbers don’t just deal with water; they deal with gas too! A great way to keep your home warm in the winter and alive and cooking at dinner time, gas is an excellent source of fuel for heating, cooking and so much more. It’s both affordable, economical, practical and easy to have anywhere in your home.

The Plumbing Professionals 

Our team is proud to offer personalised service to our clients all around Marlborough, Blenheimand beyond! We are professional and fully licensed and look to constantly improve our levels of service to best suit you. You can rest assured that the name Morgan Plumbing means quality plumbing services. When you need a plumber, simply leave your requirements for installations and repairs in the hands of the professionals at Morgan Plumbing. We make the effort to minimise damage and cost so that you can get on with your life hassle free and with perfectly maintained plumbing, every time. For more information about our hassle free approach to plumbing, just call our team!
Professional plumbing service by Morgan Plumbing
Roofing service

What Can You Expect From Our Plumbing Team?

Expect all repairs and installations to be completed quickly and efficiently when calling on Morgan Plumbing.You can trust that we use only the highest quality equipment and materials when completing all our roofing solutions in your home. Morgan Plumbing is your all-round affordable solution. Call us for information and service regarding any of the following:
  • Roofing
  • Plumbing
  • Drainage
  • Gasfitting
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